Deep tissue Massage

if you feel pain in the back or Spain which hinders your daily life, deep tissue massage is a very good solution. Is always recommended when:

  • after work your shoulder has a pain or you have pain in the back
  • you feel that your muscles are tight and inflexible
  • you have pain after the drive
  • after a walk hurt your back, hips, feet
  • when you were in the gym and stretch muscles
  • when you experience chronic stress

More about treatment

Deep tissues massage depending on the needs, can be performed over once a week. For treatment we use an ointment, containing many components quickly to support the work of muscles. For a short time after treatment, it may be felt slight discomforts of detoxification muscles. This effect, however, very quickly subsides. It's recommended to consume large amounts of water after a massage done.

Benefits of massages

  • strength the cardiovascular system and improving blood circulation
  • improvement of unpleasant contractions
  • improved concentration
  • the release of endorphin (hormone of happinesses)
  • positive effect of reducing stress and anxiety
  • reduction of muscle tension
  • increase lymphatic drainage
  • joint performance improvements

Additional informations

Time: 60 minutes, 30 minutes
Price: £ 45.00         £ 30.00