Cupping Massage

This well-known and highly recommended treatment with bubbles, use a vacuum effect, stimulating lymph flow and i mproving blood supply to the cells. Thanks to a vacuum can relax very deeply cramps and muscle tension. Already after the first treatment, we see noticeable changes. Skin becomes smoother effectively, softer and more relaxed. Places healed, can be effectively massaged. Positive effects can be enhanced by enriching massage cupping of special oils ( such as rose gold) and thermogels, serums, creams. We use only high - quality cosmetics, including specialised Swiss products. Massage vacuum trap, can be used in many parts of the body


The treatment has a positive effect on lymph flow, and supports treatment including maxillary sinusitis. Ideally suited for rejuvenation and revitalization of the facial skin. Relaxes muscles in the neck and shoulders.

Other indications for treatments

  • accumulated fat around thighs
  • weakened connective tissue
  • stripes postpartum
  • massage the neck
  • massage the back
  • the flabby skin of the face
  • the "bags" under the eyes
  • fight cellulite

Method of performing treatments

One or two of bubble is applied to the body. By pump suction occurs sucking air bubbles skin and subcutaneous muscles are raised, resulting in a strong effect of massage and ischemia rapidly activates the place. Suked bubble, can move in any direction to give an additional massage effect

Already during the first treatment most evident in the image of the skin. The flow of lymph and blood is energized, and the elasticity and tension of the skin significantly improves.It a diet , as well as other forms of body shaping, use vacuum massage at the same time, which effectively supports in action. Taking vacuum massage is indicated for cellulite one a week.

Additional information

TIme: 45 minutes
1 session Price : £ 45.00