Neutralise allergies

All kinds of allergies are the bane of many of us. However, there is a way to free yourself from this condition. In our studio we carry out treatments using innovative Pyramidal Energy Generator . One neutralize allergy treatment made by the patented apparatus exclaimed get rid of allergies up to half a year's time. The effectiveness of treatment is up to 90%. Durability and effectiveness depends of course on the individual characteristics of the client.

Method of performing treatment

Customer sitting at the device, keeps the two electrodes, which are connected to the device. Following the circulation of information between the client and the device. Attaches to the transmitters (allergic substances - two sets), as well as a sample of a specific customers, such as: dust from houses, that you would need to have and bring with you. The whole procedure will neutralize the allergy. The method is non-invasive and painless (possible therapy for new born, children under 5 years and above, pregnant women, young people, adults).


In  five sets of transmitters 700 (a sample of the transmitter allergic substances) of different loop allergenic components

  • set of digestive tract
  • set of inhaled
  • set of preservatives
  • set of pollen
  • set of chemical substances
  • a set of other

Necessary for the treatment are

  • sample (a bit of) dust on the moistened tissue with housing, jobs, schools
  • specific subject allergic (drugs, cosmetic, newspaper, printing material)
  • allergy tests (execution on site)

Neutralization treatment of allergies includes two sets of allergic at about 200 allergic substances

Benefits of treatment for a client

  • followed by detoxification of the body
  • after the first treatment feels better mood
  • the body is strengthened
  • body returns to harmony

NOTE! Important information

Pyramidal Energy Generator removes allergy, but does not remove the so-called., Indigestion, lack of digestive enzymes and other disorders not associated with allergy, which is often mistakenly called allergy.

Additional Information

Duration of allergy tests  up to         30 minutes                                       Duration treatment           60 min
Allergy tests price                             £55.00                                             Treatment price                 £120.00