Waxing for Women & Men

Treatments are performed using organic botanical  products that contain ingredients such as essential oils, to smooth and protect the skin before and after waxing

Outback Organic Wax Lavenda ( pain free wax ) vegan friendly 

Products for Wax treatment : Gel Cleanser, Botanical Body Oil, Post - wax Lotion

Gel Cleanser

A botanically enriched skin sanitiser for use during professional waxing services. Containing aloe vera, natural extract of cucumber, rose hip, Australian bush mint, its alcohol-free formula gently removes traces of oil, perspiration and body care products in preparation for waxing. Its antiseptic properties also make it ideal for cleansing the treated area after hair removal, without drying or irritating the skin

  * rose hip oils -  deeply moisturizes and assist in the skin renewal and repair,

  * aloe vera and organic cucumber extract  - reduce redness and leave the skin feeling soft and silky

 * bush mint - cooling and stimulating, with antifungal and antibacterial properties


Botanical Body Oil

A light protective body oil containing a nourishing blend of 

*  organic rosehip - an excellent source of essential fatty acids, vitamin A and antioxidants, assist in skin renewal and repair to maintain softness and elasticity

*  olive oil - plant oil with potent anti-inflammatory quantities, contains healthy fats and natural antioxidants, which help protect and condition dry skin 

*  argan oil - often called Morocco's 'liquid gold', exceptionally rich in natural vitamin E, essential fatty acid and antioxidants, which have a protective and softening 

effect on the skin 

*  green tea - potent antioxidant with ant-inflammatory benefits

* lemon myrtle - give a lemon sherbety smell

Apply before waxing instead of powder to make the treatment more comfortable, and afterwards to remove any sticky wax residue from the body. The oil leaving the skin feeling hydrated and soft


Post - Wax Lotion

A hydrating, easily absorbed lotion with uplifting aroma of lemon myrtle and a blend of botanical extracts to soothe and protect the skin after waxing

* jojoba and rose hip - rich in skin-loving nutrients such as natural vitamins and essential fatty acids, which nourish and repair after hair removal

* aloe vera, witch hazel, cucumber extract  - work to cool and calm 

* lemon myrtle essential oil - has an antibacterial effect, working in synergy with Outback Organics Products to help prevent pimples and irritation 

Absorb easily , leaving no greasy residue, refreshing citrus fragrance


Price for Women                                                                    Price for Men

Half leg:                                         £20.00                                   Back   £30.00

3/4 legs :                                        £25.00                                  Chest  £30.00  

Full legs:                                         £30.00 

Half arm:                                        £20.00

Full arm:                                        £28.00

Eyebrow                                           £8.00

Eyebrow tint                                    £8.00

Upper lip:                                         £8.00      

Lower lip                                          £8.00

Underarms                                    £15.00

Bikini line                                      £15.00

Extended  bikini line                     £20.00