Massage for pregnant women (reflexology)

Pregnancy for a women is a special time in her life, so she should think about herself as well as the developing baby. Reflexology, is the perfect way for swollen and tired feet and ankles. This is done using oil, which gives a feeling of our customers, often is significantly improved.


  • among many client, greatly improves the well- being
  • massage reduces tension
  • adds more power
  • improves blood circulation, which soothes and strengthens

Regularly performed reflexology, refreshes, reduces fatigue and pain, can help with  mood changes and keep it more stable 

Contraindications for massages

  • cardiovascular disease
  • gestational diabetes
  • inflammatory disease
  • incorrect course of pregnancy
  • 9 month pregnancy

Additional information

Time:     60 minutes
Price:     £58.00