Hot Stone Massage

The use of hot stones are known for hundreds of years revitalizing relaxation and regeneration. It affects a very relaxing on the chakras, or energy centrum. Hot stone massage helps to remove the negative energy accumulated in the body. It creates balance, and balance the chakras. Very positive effect on the lymphatic system and bloodstream. It's extremely pleasant . The heat stored in special stones is transferred gradually, works detoxication, facilitating the excretion of waste products.

Method of performing treatment

Specially shaped, pleasant to the touch basalt stones used for massage, are heated to a temperature of about 50 degree Celsius. For the procedure is also used oil, strengthening the action of the stones. It is recommended to drink plenty of water

Benefits of hot stone massage

  • positive impact on overall health
  • improve circulation in the body
  • efficient excretion of toxins (detoxification)
  • improve sleep
  • reduces  pain
  • improve blood circulation
  • deep relaxation
  • release emotional problems
  • reduce stress

Additional information

Time:   60 minutes    30 minutes
Price:   £58.00          £38.00