Therapeutic Massages Watford

If you are looking for pain free your back, shoulders, neck or  you need to relax and unwind as well as take care of your health, you're in the right place. We specialize in massage and beauty treatments. In a warm atmosphere, we take care of your health, appearance, well-being. Choose your lovely scent for aromatherapy, listen to music, we'll do the rest. Welcome

 Relaxing and therapeutic massage

Massage is one of the most enjoyable forms of resting. In addition to relaxation, it also brings comfort, relaxation and regeneration to us. We offer several different treatments. Everyone will find something for themselves. Professional   massage, also has a very positive impact on the health and appearance. This is the ideal treatment, whether you are in pain or if you also want to regenerate and unwind
 "Izabela took great care of me. Very professional and accommodating, flexible with my needs. I had a relaxing massage that tackled my issues "
 "Great massage. Really helpful and knowledgeable. And the loveliest lady. Made me very comfortable and amazing treatment "
"Izabela has been very professional from the start, sent via SMS necessary information, asked me several questions to know me better and better support my back/neck pain, treatment was very   good, had few knots very hard and painfully, she sorted 85% of pain in one single appointment and advised me with few exercise I can do to relief pain day-to-day. Absolutely a fantastic experience" 
"Lovely caring and knowledgeable therapist. Very relaxing. Beautiful face massage. I went to sleep and don't find relaxing easy. Highly recommend"


Facial massage treatments for Women & Men

Who among us does not want to enjoy the beautiful appearance? In our offer you will find a number of carefully selected professional beauty treatments. In among them,  regenerative treatment for the face, skin brightening, treatment with the use of sensational mask containing natural ingredients and much  more. For our customers, we have special, expert advice on health and beauty. Welcome


New Hopi Ear Candling


Ear candles are  natural therapy handed down by many civilizations like native America. It is form this part of the world that the oldest tribe of Pueblo people, with their great medicinal knowledge and spirituality give their name to the candles.  

Ear candles were used traditionally by Shaman healers. Ancient wall paintings such as those found within the caves of the Grand Canyon show the importance of ear candling in initiation rituals and healing ceremonies of tribe. The practice reached the modern world via Native American Hopi Indians

 Why have Hopi Ear Candling

* the treatment is gentle and non-invasive   * the safe production of the heat when added to beneficial natural ingredients is an extension of traditional methods of easing pain or discomfort  * people like to try a safe, complementary therapy either after conventional medical treatment or as an  alternative to it 

 Benefit of treatment

* excessive or compacted ear wax   * improving hearing    getting rid of strange noises in the ear   * release of the build up of pressure in the ear  * relief of sinus problems   * relief from tinnitus, swimmer ear  *better lymphatic circulation  * before or after flying   * helps to be very relax * release sleeping  disorder   * release headache

 Hopi Ear Candling is finished with nice face drainage massage, or head massage make you feel balance and relax. We use Biosun Ear Candling with only natural ingredients : 100 % pure wax, honey extract, sage, St. John's Wort, Chamomile, Beata-Carotene, Vitamin A, Cotton

Time : 30 min   Price £30.00