Swedish Massage

is one of the most enjoyable forms of relaxation . Time spent on the massage table, makes that we often forget the worries of everyday life. When you relaxed you can be more optimistic

When to use the classic massage?

  • when you want to treat yourself, improve your well-being, 
  • when you want to relax, recharge, optimistic look at the life
  • when you feel pain or discomfort after the drive or walk
  • if you have pain in your legs, feet and hips, back, arms
  • after work or a visit to the gym, exercise, feel the tension in the muscles
  • if you want to give yourself or your dear person a gift for a birthday, anniversary or any other occasion - or simply for relaxation 

Method of performing treatment

For each treatment, we use a special, warm and pleasant oil that works deep into the muscle tissue. We use St. John's wort oil which has a calming effect in addition  smooth the skin, makes it really soft, working very deep in the muscle tissue to heal the knots. To enhance the effect of relaxation during each massage is playing soothing music. In addition to the calm and wellbeing, massage has a positive effect on boost immune system 

Benefits of Massage

  • strengthen the cardiovascular system and improving circulation
  • improvement of the immune system 
  • reduction of unpleasant contractions
  • improved concentration
  • the release of endorphins (hormone of happiness)
  • positive effect of reducing stress and anxiety
  • reduction of muscle tension
  • increase lymphatic drainage
  • joint performance improvements

Additional information

Time:       60minutes         30 minutes
Price:       £55.00              £ 35.00