What are cookies?

The cookies called cookies) - the text information that is sent by the server and stored on the user side, usually the hard disk. Only the server that created the cookie can read the information contained in them by default parameters cookies. Cookies are used most often in the case of probes, online stores, the login modules, site statistics. application

Cookies may contain different types of information about a person visiting a particular Web site, and the history of his communications with a particular site, and more specifically the server. Most cookies are used to allow the server to generate intended for the user side. This allows you to create personalized web pages, enable logging, or shopping service for online stores. Often, the cookies are used to collect statistics on website activity.

For what purpose we use cookies?

  • We use cookies to read and analyze statistics include Google AdWords as well as services like Google Maps, tools, FaceBook or videos posted on You Tube
  • cookies may be used to ensure safety, can also be used to detect fraud within the site.
  • web content service due to cookies can be adapted to the user's preferences. Thanks to this we can also optimize the use of the websites
  • maintain a user session service (after logging in), so you do not have it on every page of the site re-enter login and password
  • Cookies allow you to avoid repeated presentation of the same survey to the same useron our website we also use cookies associated with the so-called. session. They are used for technical matters, such as login and navigate. This means that cookies are maintained only while browsing the site when the browser is launched. The moment you close your browser cookies are cleared.
Saving you can disable cookies in their browser settings. For more information, refer to the manufacturer used their browser. Text translated by machine